SEO Tips That Can Help Any Local Business

SEO Tips That Can Help Any Local Business

This is the time when ranking highly on search engine results can mean the difference between making more revenue and just doing the usual.

Tip#1: Include a blog on your website.
You should post some new posts on your websites blog which can be about various types of services or products you are offering. You can tell readers why your services or products are better compared to other service providers and what issues you are facing in your industry. The secret to successful blogging is to provide information that can be valuable to the readers.

Tip#2. List your business in popular business directories. Your website can get added in business directories by looking for the right sites and contacting them about your listing. Doing it manual can be time consuming. You can use various services to check for your listing at popular site directories and add it at the same time if they are missing. I recommend you to use Universal Business Listing’s (UBL) to distribute your information widely. UBL service is worth it since you would spend more time if you tried to copy what they did by updating or adding your company info yourself at thousands of sites they feed into.

Tip#3. Post your best pictures of your past work on your blog or website.
This is one of the best ways to have constant content for website or posts. It can help your clients make a choice by displaying examples of your past work. However, make sure to request permission from people before including them in your photos.

Tip#4. Your site home page should have a website trust badge.
Many people have distrust about certain companies and if they are reliable or not. You can assure people you are trustworthy by displaying independent accreditation seals or official certification badges. An effective and recognizable badge that can give your business and instant level of trust with clients is the Better Business Bureau.

Tip#5. Include the writers author note and tag.
Setting up your Google+ page and incorporating the author tag in it will allow your picture icon to display next to your listings, attracting more attention. Any indication that causes your listing to pop out from other results will give you more clicks that can translate into higher rankings.

Tip#6. Get reviews and ratings.
Your rating value will not affect your website search rankings, however the reviews you have on various sites like Google+ can affect your ranking value. Ratings and reviews can lower or boost people confidence for your business. You can influence your ratings positively by asking your satisfied customers to review you online. Also monitor your reviews and reply to negative ones by explaining, apologizing, and improve where people feel you are not doing well. No one can offer a perfect service, so accept it when your client complains. Apologetic responses can transform negative reviews into a positive outcome. Review “GetListed” which can help you monitor reviews and save you the time of visiting all of your profiles across several sites.

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